Step 1

Initial Consultation

Let’s get to know each other.  And our In-Home Design Consultation is where it all begins.  During our initial meeting, we will review your space and the scope of your project.  Questions and concerns?  We will be happy to thoroughly discuss each and every one from our extensive design perspective.  We want to learn all about you and your lifestyle – so we will also discuss your wish list, vision, style, and budget – all while extending our multi-faceted design expertise along the way.  This is also when we collect vital spatial information through taking dimensions and photographs, that will aid us in presenting you with our most perfect House Splendid design.

Step 2

Design Presentation and Q&A

Now let’s have some fun.  This creative process begins while reviewing our preliminary detailed perspective of your new space to be.  This is the inspired spring board for all the wonderful changes to come.  Once the preliminary design plan is reviewed, we can then apply our treasure box of options to the mindfully developed foundation we have created for you.  This meeting takes place at the House Splendid studio showroom so that we may further educate and present you with the perfect design style, materials, colors, and finish options for your space.  Once we have discussed and reviewed the proposed design and selected materials, we will then have everything we need to furnish you with a comprehensive proposal for your project.

Step 3

Project Proposal and Review

Let’s get down to business.  We will provide a complete and thorough proposal based on our two previous in-depth meetings and the scope of your project.  Upon receiving our proposal, we’d be happy to review each and every detail with you and address any questions you may have.  Our objective is to make sure you achieve a comprehensive understanding of the our process and the entire scope of your renovation.  We want you just as comfortable throughout the entire process as you will be in your home once we are complete.  Once you have decided that House Splendid is the perfect fit for you and your project, we can take care of the initial deposit and get the ball rolling!

Step 4

Finalization of Designs and Ordering

It’s all in the details.  And here is when everything starts to take shape.  Our intricately detailed 3D renderings is where our designs will come alive right before your very eyes.  Together we will further discuss your new space to be, by thoroughly reviewing a custom-created package of computerized floor plans, elevations, and perspectives.  We will further discuss the renovation process, order of operations, and design timelines.  We will have the opportunity to final review and re-visit each and every detail and all finishing options and material selections until your design is nothing less than absolute perfection.

Step 5

Renovation and Installation

Out with the old and in with the new.  From demo to completion – our skilled team members will be onsite transforming your home into the exciting new space that we’ve been so meticulously working toward.  Timely scheduling and aligning of each trade will keep your project moving along seamlessly.  Harmoniously working together while perfecting each detail and communicating every step of the way.  Your dreams will finally become a reality.

Step 6

Final walk-through and Photo Shoot

The moment we’ve all been waiting for!  The fruits of our labor have come to fruition and all the hard work is behind us.  We are all complete and your space is even better than you’ve ever imagined.  We do a final walk-through to ensure every last detail has been addressed and that you are completely satisfied with the end result.  A final Photo Shoot will then be scheduled for an afternoon of fun and a celebratory closing to the splendid journey we’ve taken together.  Your space finally feels like “you” and we couldn’t be happier that you selected House Splendid to help get you there.